Report: Bruins have made Pastrnak a very large offer.

Pastrnak has received a significant offer.

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The Boston Bruins have been hearing it from their fan base over their failure to sign star forward David Pastrnak but that frustration may soon end up also being directed at the player himself. 

On Friday Boston Bruins insider Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe revealed that the Bruins have made Pastrnak a very significant offer. one worth a whopping $42 million according to Dupont. 

It's unclear what the term of this deal would be, but the numbers are easy enough to guess if you think about it realistically. On a seven-year deal this would only be wroth $6 million per season, and that number would likely not be at all satisfactory for Pastrnak who is coming off a 70 point season. Meanwhile on a six year deal at $7 million per season the offer seems much more reasonable, although it may not be enough for Pastrnak.

If those numbers had indeed satisfied Pastrnak he likely would have already been signed, which now leads to the question of exactly how much he is demanding from the Bruins?