Report: Bruins open contract talks with Chara

Could the 40-year-old become the next Jagr?

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Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara is one of the franchise’s all-time best defensemen. And that’s saying a lot considering that the Bruins can boast to having Hall of Fame legends like Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque in their past. But, anyone who has watched the team that past few seasons knows that the 40-year-old Chara is not the player he once was. From 2007 until about 2014 Chara dominated the game like no one has before. The 6’9”, 250 lb behemoth is a pure physical specimen who has the ability intimidate anyone in the NHL. But, let’s be honest… he’s lost a step.

Never fleet of foot to begin with, the giant is slowing down in the latter stages of his career. There were games last season where the big man just looked flat out old and tired. Maybe that’s why it’s so concerning to Bruins fans that the team’s management group looks so intent on extending his deal past this season. Chara’s seven-year, $45 million deal expires at the end of this season, but CSNNE report Joe Haggerty is reporting that the B’s are looking to extend his current deal.

What do you think? Would you welcome big Z back on a new deal? Assuming it’s no longer than a season or two, what’s a fair price?