Report: Bruins veteran leaves the game after being hit in the face.

Bruins veteran injured in preseason action.

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The Boston Bruins have lost one of their veterans, at least for tonight's preseason game. 

The Bruins beat the Detroit Red Wings 4-2 in preseason action on Tuesday night, but it came at the expense of defenseman Torey Krug who left the game with an injury.

Krug was struck in the face by a puck and went to the locker room for repairs and it was some time later that the Bruins confirmed he would not return to the game. 

It's unclear exactly what type of injury Krug suffered, but pucks to the face and head area can lead to all kinds of problems including damage to the eye, facial fractures, and potentially even concussions. 

Here's to hoping that the Bruins merely kept him out for precautionary reasons so that he can't bounce back sooner rather than later.