Report: Canucks’ Henrik Sedin provides update on his NHL future

The 37-year-old twins can’t play forever, but are they ready to pack it in sooner rather than later?

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There’s no denying the impact that Henrik and Daniel Sedin have had on the Vancouver Canucks franchise. Aside from being the team’s best, most consistent offensive performers for the past decade, the identical twins also loom large in the team’s culture and everything they do and say is analyzed by teammates, analysts and fans.

At 37 years of age however, followers of the NHL’s western most Canadian team are beginning to wonder just how much longer the twins will remain in the league. Their declining production took a sharp nosedive last season and with the team in a rebuild, there’s a chance they could sink even lower in 2017-18. So, what does that mean for their future? With this being the last season on their current contracts, will they re-up in Vancouver for another spin or will they walk off into the sunset? 

"We think about our future on a regular basis, and we've said we're going to take it year by year now," Henrik Sedin said at the NHL’s European Player Media Tour. "This year, we want to prove we can still play at a high level, and that's up to us to do. And we know that if we do, it'll be easier to answer those questions later in the year. So that's our mindset."

And what does Henrik think about his team’s chances in 2017-18?

"We thought we should have been further up the standings than we were for the way we played most of the time," Henrik said. "We had some injuries that were tough to go through, but if we can stay healthy … if you look at our lineup from top to bottom, it's not that far off.”

What do you think Canucks fans? Do you think Henrik and Daniel can get back to their usual level of production? Or, is the worst still to come?