Report: Canucks prized prospect absolutely dominating

Could he be in Vancouver sooner than expected?

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The Vancouver Canucks are dealing with the repercussions of not beginning a rebuild soon enough.

Fortunately - some key young players appear poised to bring this team back into a contending team sooner rather than later.

Brock Boeser is already proving to be an effective player - scoring 11 points in his first 16 NHL games. Bo Horvat has also established himself as a star in the making, and even Jake Virtanen is starting to put things together.

Enter the Canucks' 5th overall pick in 2017.

Elias Pettersson is a heck of a creative player, and that's an immensely valuable quality in today's NHL.

“I play with a lot of instincts and I like how Nicklas Backstrom plays. He makes his teammates better and creates chances for himself, but I’ve got a lot to learn to get to the next level," he told The Province.

“I see myself as a playmaker who protects the puck, and in some years that will be great in the NHL. But I don’t think I’m ready for the NHL now.”

With the success he's having in the SHL, he can make it overseas very quickly, and provide Vancouver with another top end young center to complement Bo Horvat.

Things are looking up, Canucks fans.