Report: Capitals player looking to make history

Do you think it will happen this season mates?

Report: Capitals player looking to make history

The Washington Capitals had an underwhelming playoff run last spring, further cementing the idea that the team is predominantly competitive during the regular season. 

Despite this, the organization has been hard at work this summer trying to improve the team's Stanley Cup chances, and such decisions necessarily mean that certain players may not return. 

After having been a Capital since 2016, it seems that this will be the case for fourth-liner Daniel Winnik

However, as per NBC Sports, his replacement might have already been found in Nathan Walker.

The 23 year-old, drafted in the third-round of the 2014 NHL draft by the Washington Capitals, could become the first Australian player to suit up for an NHL regular season game. 

Not only are his chances of being part of the Capitals roster rather high, CSN Washington suggests he's already been penciled into the line-up as replacement for Winnik. 

During the last  two seasons with the Hershey Bears, Walker's offensive potential truly became noticeable as he managed to amass 64 points in 131 games for the team. In contrast, the two prior seasons he had only tallied 30 points in a similar amount of games. 

The Capitals begin their preseason on September 18 with a visit to the New Jersey Devils.