Report: Chris Drury to be named new GM of Rangers after Gorton's surprise firing

Whoa! Who saw this coming!?


In case you missed the surprising news earlier today, the New York Rangers have unceremoniously fired general manager Jeff Gorton and president John Davidson according to Rangers insider Larry Brooks of the New York Post.

Check it out:

This is obviously a shocking move given the admirable work that both Gorton and Davidson have put in since being hired by team owner Jeff Dolan. But then again... with Dolan in charge anything can happen at any time. Just ask a New York Knicks fan what what they think about the divisive owner.

Just as shocking though is a report from Sportsnet NHL insider Elliotte Friedman who maintains that the team's next GM and president will be former NHLer turned executive Chris Drury.

Check it out:

Drury has long been a GM candidate whose name has been linked to different openings around the NHL, but the Rangers have always managed to keep him locked up and on the payroll. Now, it's clear to see why. 

Drury appears to be an astute evaluator of talent and has worked as an assistant GM for several years now but... this is the big leagues and he's taking over one of sport's most storied franchises as a rookie GM. Nevermind the fact that the Rangers are entering a critical stage in their rebuild, one in which Drury will be tasked with navigating them back to being a contender. Call me crazy, but I don't know if I want a rookie GM in charge when I'm trying to flip the switch from rebuilding mode to competing mode.

But then again... I'm not Jeff Dolan, so what do I know?

If nothing else it'll be interesting to see how this upcoming offseason goes for Drury and the Rangers.