Report: Corey Perry kicked off the Blackhawks and his teammates have no idea why
Chicago Blackhawks  

Report: Corey Perry kicked off the Blackhawks and his teammates have no idea why

Something's fishy in Chicago these days...



This just in, veteran forward Corey Perry has reportedly left the Chicago Blackhawks due to what the team is calling an 'organizational decision'.

From Blackhawks insider Mark Lazerus:

Corey Perry, who was scratched last night as a mysterious "organizational" decision, is not on the ice for Blackhawks practice.

- Mark Lazerus

Head coach Luke Richardson today that details about why Perry is no long with the team will not be released at this time.

"I just wanted to start by saying I know you have questions about Corey Perry not playing last night and attending practice today but we’re going to keep that internal in the organization right now. I’m not going to be able to answer any more questions on that."

- Luke Richardson

And to add even more intrigue to this topic, it appears that the Blackhawks' players themselves don't even know what's up concerning Perry.

From veteran teammate Nick Foligno:

“We just know he’s not with us. Haven’t gotten any details. It’s unfortunate; he’s a big part of this. We’ll miss him.”

- Nick Foligno

Stay tuned for more insight into Perry's future with the team and... well... and I guess his NHL career, as well.

Oh, and in case you missed it earlier today the Blackhawks announced that veteran forward Taylor Hall will miss the rest of the 2023-24 season as he recovers from knee surgery.

From the team:

The 32 year old forward has just two goals and four points in 10 games with the Blackhawks this season and has been in and out of the lineup due to injury. With today's announcement, his lack of production and his spotty play now seemingly has an explanation. 

Hall has one year remaining on a contract that pays him $6 million annually. He was acquired by the Blackhawks this past offseason from the Boston Bruins, in an effort from Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson to surround #1 overall draft pick Connor Bedard with some veteran skill. Which, to be fair, Hall provided in spades when he was healthy enough to get into the lineup. Hall and Bedard seemed to have some genuine chemistry, even if they weren't able to gel completely. Assuming that Hall comes back to the Blackhawks' lineup healthy next season, I could see the two picking up where they left off.

I could very much see Hall leaving the team for greener pastures this offseason. Many predicted that Hall would be made available at the NHL's trade deadline in March this season, with the Blackhawks so far out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs race. His injury and his recovery throws a wrench into that entire plan, but with an expiring contract in 2025, I could see even more teams interested in Hall's services next season. Just imagine the haul (No pun intended) that the Blackhawks could get for Hall as a rental package, assuming he tears it up with Bedard to start the campaign. Stay tuned on that front.

As far as how this news affects the rest of the team it's a huge blow, no doubt.

The Blackhawks have recalled 25 year old forward Joey Anderson but he can't reasonably be expected to replace Hall in this team's lineup. The team will likely continue to surround Bedard with Lukas Reichel and Philipp Kurashev, so long as they continue to show some level of chemistry.

Source: Chicago Blackhawks