Report: Coyotes players NOT happy about potential relocation to Utah!

This already isn't going over very well.



The Arizona Coyotes, by all indications, appear on the verge of relocation to Salt Lake City. But it doesn't sound like this is exactly going well with Coyotes players and staff. 

Currently, as reported by ESPN's Greg Wyshynski, Coyotes players are learning about these developments through social media. It seems there has been no communication from the franchise directly to the players at this point.

"NEWS: It's my understanding that @ArizonaCoyotes players are following the Utah relocation developments through the media and social media.

There has not been any formal discussion between the team and the players about where things stand or any sale agreement, per team source."

According to Arizona reporter Craig Morgan, the potential upcoming move to Utah is not being met with a positive reception from Coyotes players.

This entire situation has been nothing short of an embarrassment for the National Hockey League. 

Source: Twitter