Report: Cup winner underwent highly controversial treatment for serious injury

“I am just trying to find a way to stay in the game...”

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Veteran defenseman Niklas Kronwall has suffered many injuries in his NHL career and finally went a different route in hopes of finding a way to ameliorate the damage to his left knee.

According the to Detroit Free Press, the 36-year-old sought out stem cell therapy as he has played for the past two seasons on a permanently damaged knee. No other surgeries can help the blue liner alleviate the pain in his left knee. 

“Once you get bone-on-bone, at least all the research that is out there, it seems there is not too many things that you can do without having to jeopardize your career,” Kronwall said. “So you find a way through it.” 

Hence, the veteran explored stem cell therapy, "a still-emerging technology athletes turn to to relieve musculoskeletal disorders". 

“I’ve tried the stem cell route,” Kronwall said. “When you get to this point, you’re basically trying everything. That’s definitely something that’s out there and I think it’s becoming more and more, I don’t know if popular is the word. But a few years ago it was acupuncture — there’s a lot of different things that’s coming out that’s proven to work.”

“It’s a long process,” he didn't want to say more. “I am just trying to find a way to stay in the game.” 

Along with a broken leg, Kronwall suffered both ACL and MCL damage to his left knee during an exhibition season. His hope remains to play out his contract, which runs through next season. 

To help him accomplish his goal, the Red Wings have made sure to keep his ice-time around 19 minutes a game. 

Let's hope this controversial method helps him out in the long run...