Report: Details of failed Erik Karlsson trade between Oilers and Sharks

The inside details of a failed blockbuster form NHL insider Pierre LeBrun.

Published 1 year ago
Report: Details of failed Erik Karlsson trade between Oilers and Sharks
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For weeks leading up to the NHL's trade deadline there were reports that the league-wide presumptive Norris Trophy favorite Erik Karlsson would be on the move. The San Jose Sharks defenseman has turned back the clock this season and is putting up perhaps the best statistical season of his stellar career, leading all NHL defensemen in scoring. With the Sharks well out of the playoff picture and with Karlsson now earning his high priced contract, the belief was that Sharks GM Mike Grier would be eager to trade him for future assets.

And then... nothing.

Karlsson was not traded, in fact he claims he was never even approach with a trade option from GM Grier. So... what gives?

There were reports that the Edmonton Oilers were interested in Karlsson and were even close to acquiring him. So again... what gives?

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun reports that the two sides just couldn't make the money work, but that there may be an opportunity to consummate a trade this offseason when both sides have more financial flexibility.

Check it out:

 San Jose got calls from a couple of teams this season on Karlsson, one of them emerging publicly as Edmonton. The Oilers had more than a little interest, but it sounds like the Sharks’ unwillingness to retain enough of Karlsson’s remaining contract essentially stopped both teams from taking the conversations to the next level.

The rebuilding/re-tooling Sharks will listen again on Karlsson this offseason, no question about it. But again the biggest question will be: How much can the Sharks eat on those final four years to make a trade happen?

- Pierre LeBrun

Call me crazy, but I don't blame the Oilers for being hesitant to acquire a 32 year old defenseman signed to long-term, $11 million annual deal. While Karlsson is playing some incredible hockey this season, his contract has the potential to age very poorly. The Sharks may have to end up eating as much as 50% of Karlsson's deal if they want to move on from him this upcoming offseason. And, frankly, they should be doing everything they can to facilitate a deal for him if they're serious about rebuilding and re-stocking their personnel.