Report: Erik Karlsson spotted chatting with rival player after game.

He always remains one of the classiest players in the NHL.

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He Always Remains One of Classiest Players in the NHL

Erik Karlsson proved anyone he was a tremendous superstar in the NHL. Last night, he nearly 40 minutes ice-time last night. The Playoff is always hard on the players but this year seems even worst. Key players fall left and right to the intensity of the moment and leave a huge void in their team’s lineup. 

He played with tons of courage and you gotta to understand Karlsson is banged up since the first round, suffering hairline fractures. However, this time seems the ankle might have been hurt and this could spell disaster to the Ottawa crew. Arguably, Karlsson was the cement that glued everything together since the very first playoff game. 

Following the heartbreaking loss, Karlsson’s been spotted chatting with Kris Letang after game. How Letang suffered his last injury is unclear and the team had been vague about his status leading some to believe it was either concussion- or stroke-related. The soon-to-be-30-year-old suffered a stroke in 2014 and has missed time during his career dealing with concussion symptoms.

Class act from Karlsson to chat with him.