Report: Flames moving training camp to United States

First the Canucks, now the Flames. Will all 7 Canadian teams cross the border for training camp?

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This just in, according to Calgary Flames insider Eric Francis of Sportsnet, the Flames are making plans to hold their mini training camp in the United States in an attempt to get around Canada's federal 14 day quarantine period rules.

“We’ve been looking at that for quite a long time – we’re well down the path,” said Flames GM Brad Treliving to Francis today.

“The logistics have been worked on for a camp in the U.S., if need be. I don’t want guys coming back to Calgary and sitting on their butts for two weeks in their condos and being out of shape when it’s time to go again. It may make more sense for us to have camp in the U.S. so we can have guys together quicker and being productive. The quarantine issue is a big one.”

Still, Treliving admits that Calgary is his first choice for running camp. 

“I think you can do it in a way where you’re not putting anyone in the public in jeopardy,” said Treliving. “One of the ideas that makes sense is you identify who the players are and, yes they would be quarantined, but we’re going to extend your quarantine between your home and the Saddledome. The only place you’re going is a bubble – it’s with a peer group, not the public. And it’s probably the safest, cleanest, most sanitized place in the city of Calgary right now. You’re being tested on a regular basis.

“I don’t want to be jumping out in front of the queue at all, but to me there’s some validity to that idea.”

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