Report: Former Leafs coach says he was never told why he was fired.

Former coach says he was never given an explanation.

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We have a bit of an odd story to share with you.

While high profile coach firings are very common in professional sports it's odd to imagine that a head coach could be fired without being given even the slightest indication of why he was being terminated. 

That's exactly what former Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle said happened to him in a recent interview with's Dave McCarthy

From McCarthy:

When he was fired by the Maple Leafs on January 6, 2015 after returning home from a seven-game road trip, Toronto was 21-16-3 and held the second wild card spot into the Stanley Cup Playoffs from the Eastern Conference at the time. Carlyle said he was never told why that was not good enough to keep his job.

"I'd leave those questions to the people that were above me," Carlyle said. "If they don't want to answer them, they never told me any reason."

It's a strange story to be sure, but as for the confusion from Carlyle it likely all came down to results, and we don't remember hearing too many fans protesting the termination of Carlyle at the time.