Report: Gary Bettman makes a terrific announcement!

Gary Bettman just made every NHL fan very happy.

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The majority of Gary Bettman's tenure as the National Hockey League commissioner has seen his decisions and his statements widely derided by fans of the NHL, so when Gary Bettman says something that fans love they tend to pay close attention.

That was exactly the case this week when Bettman was announcing that advertisements would appear on the World Cup of Hockey jerseys, but it wasn't that announcement that brought a smile to the lips of NHL fans. 

According to a report from senior NHL writer Dan Rosen, on the same day that Bettman confirmed there would be ads on the World Cup jerseys, he also stated that advertising would not be coming to NHL sweaters, and he gave a terrific reason for it as well.

"I am a believer in the history, tradition and exactly how special NHL sweaters are."

This is one statement that even the most die-hard of Gary Bettman haters will appreciate from the commissioner.