Report: Gary Bettman to confirm Arizona relocation next week!

It looks like Gary will finally have to admit his desert pet project is over.



The countdown to the official demise of the Arizona Coyotes appears to be officially on.

According to Arizona reporter Craig Morgan, the team has been informed that the move to Salt Lake City is happening, and that the official announcement could be coming as soon as next week.

He writes:

”Per multiple sources, the Coyotes have been informed that relocation to Salt Lake City is real. Now hearing it could actually be announced on April 17; the date of the Coyotes’ final game at home vs. Edmonton.
It’s going to be quite an atmosphere that night at Mullett Arena.” 

Furthermore, NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman is reporting a similar story, and that the players and staff will soon be heading to their new home for a tour of the area and the new facilities: 

”There is word tonight the Arizona Coyotes players were informed in a meeting they are going to Utah. Players and staff may be headed to Salt Lake City right after Wednesday’s game to check out the facilities and the city”

Right or wrong, I can’t wait to watch Bettman, who has been beyond stubborn this entire time with this failing team, forced to swallow his pride and announce that his pet project in Arizona is no more. 

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Source: Twitter