Report: Gudas tells why he turned down Leafs, Flames and Oilers
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Report: Gudas tells why he turned down Leafs, Flames and Oilers

The veteran Dman chose the basement dwelling Ducks instead.



If you're like me, you were probably a little surprised when veteran NHL defenseman Radko Gudas signed a three year, $12 million deal with the Anaheim Ducks on the opening day of free agency.

After all, Gudas just helped guide the Florida Panthers to a Stanley Cup Final appearance and well... the Ducks don't look like Stanley Cup contenders anytime soon.

In an article with iSport in Gudas' native Czechia, he admitted that he had offers from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers but chose the Ducks for several reasons. First off, Gudas claims he was turned off by the Canadian teams due to the high tax burden he'd face in the country.

"In Canada, you also start with taxes at more than fifty percent. You can't say that California is different in this regard. It has thirteen percent higher taxes than Florida," Gudas said to iSport.

He's considerations weren't just financial though, as Gudas claims that the media coverage in Canada was a deterrent for him as well.

"But they also differ in other things, such as the media. Toronto also chimed in. We played against them in the playoffs and there was a big difference between the Leafs and Boston, who we faced before. The Bruins went on to win the league by a record amount of points, but as far as the media was concerned, it wasn't as bad as it was against Toronto. I don't know if I want to experience something like that every day."

In the end the 33 year old chose the Ducks mostly because of the role that they foresee him playing over the course of his three year contract.

“When I had the choice between Calgary, Edmonton and a team somewhere warm, Anaheim appealed to me more. But it wasn't about the weather, it was more about the role in the team, what they would want from me, and of course the financial side," Gudas said through translation. 

Personally, I think Gudas will be a good fit on the Ducks but then again I think he'd have been great with the Flames, Oilers or Leafs also.

Source: iSport