Report: Howe family wins approval to bury Gordie's ashes at landmark.

Wonderful news for everyone involved.

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It seemed likely that this would be the outcome eventually considering how unanimous the parties involved appeared to be when it came to trying to push this through, but the announcement concerning the final resting place of National Hockey League legend Gordie Howe came as terrific news nonetheless.

According to a report from the Canadian Press, the city of Saskatoon has won the approval of the province of Saskatchewan to lay the ashes of both Gordie and his wife Colleen at the base of the statue erected in his honor in that city.Both of their ashes will be laid to rest at the site and they will be very well protected as the city of Saskatoon has gone to great lengths using a special concrete vessel with a commemorative plaque on top to protect them.

Howe was of course born in the province of Saskatchewan and he would go on to meet wife Colleen at a bowling alley in Michigan, where she was born, while Howe was a member of the Detroit Red Wings. With Howe having Colleen laid to rest with him he will now have a little piece of Michigan always at his side.

It's a fantastic show of class from the city, a great day for the Howe family and every hockey fan who loved the NHL legend, and it brings a great sense of relief knowing one of the greatest to ever play the game will be laid to rest in his final resting place with such care, reverence, and respect.

Rest well Mr. Hockey.