Report: “I see relocation happening sooner”

And one city is in the lead!

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Many fans wonder if a relocation or expansion will take place soon. After the Vegas Golden Knights were added to the NHL this season, many expect another major change to occur in the League. 

According to Matt Larkin of the Hockey News, both a relocation and expansion are expected to happen in the next few years. For now, one added team looks necessary as the NHL is hoping to get to 32 clubs to balance out the divisions.

However, Larkin believes that despite expansion being inevitable, he thinks a relocation will take place sooner. 

"There’s the right blend at the moment of teams struggling to (a) fill their buildings and (b) secure new rinks and ready-made markets with rinks sitting there," writes Larkin in his mailbag of the week

The Arizona Coyotes are to be watched closely as the  arena lease in Glendale expires this summer. Now, let's not forget Quebec City who has been trying to get the Nordiques back for years, losing to Vegas a few years ago. However, with the NHL looking to add a team in the West Conference, Seattle or Houston might have a better chance. 

"For now, expect relocation first, and my money is on Houston. I never would’ve said that a year ago, but the new Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta actually has interest in hockey, so there’s some legit traction there."

Interesting! What would you prefer to see happening first: relocation or expansion?