Report: Insider claims team has borrowed $300m from the NHL, relocation imminent.

One NHL team is reportedly in massive debt to the league.


One National Hockey League insider is claiming that a team is facing imminent relocation after borrowing $300 million from the league.

According to comments made by reporter Gary Lawless during a radio interview on Winnipeg's 1290 AM, the Carolina Hurricanes are in major financial trouble, and the lawsuit filled by the three sons of Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos in the amount of $100 million is just the  tip of the iceberg.

According to Lawless the Hurricanes, and specifically Karmanos, have also borrowed $300 million from the NHL itself and again according to Lawless this will result in a sale and relocation because the NHL wants it's money back.

Lawless also speculated that the potential relocation could take place very early, with Bill Foley and his prospective Las Vegas franchise as the destination, although this appeared to be him thinking out loud.

You can listen to the full interview here.