Report: John Tavares willing to sign extension with 3 teams!

Oh, wow!

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Will John Tavares stay in New York after the season is over? That is the biggest question surrounding the NHL right now.

The fact that he did not sign an extension yet with the Islanders raises many question marks on his desire to stay with the team that selected him first overall in 2009.

Comes February, if he has not yet signed on the dotted line, Garth Snow will have to face a difficult decision that is to either trade him for the biggest possible package or wait it out and risk losing him for nothing come summer time.

If the Isles would go the trade route, the team acquiring the 27 year old superstar would no doubt ask that he sign a contract extension with them before giving the farm to acquire him.

A new information coming from Larry Brooks in the New York Post suggest that Tavares would be willing to do such thing with three teams: The Toronto Maple Leafs, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens.

And while it would be calamitous for the franchise if Tavares simply departs as a free agent, it would not necessarily be so at all if general manager Garth Snow could pull off an equitable deal—and that means with a team with which Tavares would be willing to sign an extension; perhaps, for instance, Tampa Bay, Toronto or Montreal—at the deadline

This trade deadline could turn out to be crazy after all!