Report: Kane finally speaks out on trade rumors

Even he can’t deny the buzz surrounding his name.

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Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane seems to always find himself in the headlines during the offseason. His journey from Atlanta to Winnipeg to Buffalo is littered with trade rumors, team suspensions, scandalous social media interactions and a criminal investigation. This offseason, the 25 year-old finds himself in the middle of yet another giant trade rumor. 

Reports from NHL insider Darren Dreger indicate that Sabres general manager Jason Botterill is indeed shopping Kane with other GM’s across the league in the hopes of moving on from the talented, but controversial winger. So, what does Kane make of all the rumor and speculation?

“My name seems to create a buzz with some reporters and radio stations. I wonder if I have some thank-you cards coming,” said Kane when asked for his reaction on the rumors. 

“Do I worry about the rumours?” he continued, “No. The funny part about rumours is that if you don’t know something is going on, then nobody else does. I have an agent who is knowledgable and tapped in. He gives me updates when I need updates. I’d like to think I’m well informed when I need to be.”

So, who do we believe here? Kane or a trusted source like Dreger? If you believe Kane, he’s not going anywhere. If you believe Dreger, the Sabres are desperately trying to move the Vancouver-native. Time will tell who’s telling the truth.