Report: Kings’ GM Blake responds to Jagr rumors

Are we finally nearing a Jagr signing?

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Since the opening day of free-agency in the NHL on July 1st, there have been dozens of rumor reports and speculative articles written on the designation of future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr. One rumor that has persisted for nearly 2 months now has jar signing with the Los Angeles Kings

Makes sense, right? The Kings need offense and Jagr can provide it in spades. Seems like a perfect match. Well… don’t go out and buy your 68 jersey just yet, Kings fans. GM Rob Blake poured cold water on the rumor at a fan Q&A session earlier this week.

Here’s the direct quote from Blake himself:

"Obviously [Jagr] is a tremendous player, been a tremendous player for a number of years, a Hall of Famer. When you get to a certain age, you have to be a certain fit on a team.”
“We've looked at lot of different free agents in the summer and where it fits in in our projections. … There was also the equation of the salary cap and how things fit in. We didn't go in the direction of Jagr this year. But again, he's a tremendous player and I'm sure he'll surface somewhere."

With the Kings officially off the list, Jagr’s potential landing spots are getting fewer and fewer. He’s been linked to the Calgary Flames and Vegas Golden Knights for awhile now, but until he signs a new deal, the rumors will continue to swirl.