Report: Kyle Dubas “finalizing” new contract!

Are the two sides zeroing in?



The Kyle Dubas era is over with the Toronto Maple Leafs, bringing an end to a run of five years that saw him as an extremely popular figure with the players on the roster, but only delivering a single postseason series victory. 

He was terminated by team president Brendan Shanahan earlier this month in a highly publicized move, and Dubas instead elected to take the high road rather than get into a public spat with his former superior.

Conversely, the era of terror of Ron Hextall as general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins came to a merciful end after the team missed the postseason for the first time since Sidney Crosby's rookie campaign of 2005-06. Hextall's fate was sealed this season not only after the postseason loss, but after multiple reports of having alienated players on the roster as well as those within the organization.

Almost immediately after both respective teams made their roster moves, it was speculated that Dubas could be the next man for the job in the Steel City. And it looks as though it could very well happen, according to a recently released report.

Source: Twitter