Report: Kyle Dubas wanted to trade a core Leafs player

The Leafs would reportedly look far different had Dubas remained in Toronto.



There was a dramatic change in management over the summer, as the Toronto Maple Leafs parted ways with Kyle Dubas in what was a rather startling move not long after their season came to an end at the hands of the eventual Eastern Conference champion Florida Panthers. He would soon be replaced by Brad Treliving, who had previously served as GM of the Calgary Flames.

It didn't take Dubas long to resurface, taking over the role of president of hockey operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins. And shortly before the regular season began, he elected to make himself the general manager of the Penguins for the time being. Both figures have made key additions to their respective news teams while their established core remained intact.

But according to a notable Leafs beat writer, the current version of the team would look far different had Dubas remained on the job in Toronto - which may have also even involved trading a core player.

"I think they would look totally different," Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel stated on TSN1050's "First Up" this morning. "We got the indication from Kyle Dubas just before he was let go where he indicated maybe looking at a trade of a core player, so I think that's on the table. You can narrow it down to who that might be and what it might look like. So that's one of those players potentially gone which is significant. Obviously you would get considerable pieces back for that player whoever it is."

"It's possible if Kyle Dubas was the general manager, that they would have signed Tyler Bertuzzi," he continued. "Everybody else, I just don't see it. I don't think there's any way they sign John Klingberg. There's zero chance they sign Ryan Reaves to a three-year contract. Maybe Max Domi, but I don't really see it... I didn't like the fact they lost so much utility with some of the guys they brought in. None of those guys kill penalties, none of those guys are the kinds of players you want to put on the ice when you're defending a lead... Look at what Dubas did at the trade deadline last year. He acquired players who had utility, who were competitive, so I think that's the way they would have leaned had he remained general manager, but they obviously didn't do that. The team has major issues to sort out."

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