Report: Latest update from Parise is another good one.

Second bit of good news from Parise.

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Despite the fact that he is one of the most beloved players in the short history of the Minnesota Wild franchise it's clear that fan sentiment towards star forward Zach Parise has started to take a turn for the worse. 

It's hard to blame fans in Minnesota after all considering the massive 98 million dollar contract he signed when he joined the team, and the amount of time he has spent on the sidelines due to injury. Hell even when he's on the ice and playing he has been limited by chronic back issues. 

However things are finally starting to look up for Parise and on Monday we got the second positive update from the 33-year-old National Hockey League veteran. 

Minnesota Wild insider Mike Russo is reporting that Parise recently provided him an update via text message, one that indicates that Parise has already begun to shoot pucks on his own as he tries to get into game shape.

“No one-timers or anything, but it feels great,” Parise said via text as per The Athletic.

It's one more step forward in what is likely still going to be a lengthy rehab process for Parise, but at this stage any positive news at all feels like a big relief from the perspective of the Wild organization. 

Parise may have some work to do to regain the love and admiration of his fan base however, his contract runs through 2024-2025 season and fans will want to see some results when he returns.