Report: Leafs are Canada's best team

Between them and the Jets, do the Leafs get the edge?

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For several years now, as much as some fans would hate to admit it, the Montreal Canadiens were the top Canadian team in the NHL - barring the 2015-16 season when Carey Price famously fell to injury and missed the bulk of the season.

This year, we have new contenders for the best team in Canada - and that includes the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. Both teams are off to very hot starts, with the Jets posting a 15-6-4 record through 25 games and the Leafs right behind with a 16-9-1 record through 26. One point separates the two clubs, while the Jets hold a game in hand.

While the positioning in the standings suggests the Jets have the edge on the Leafs for top Canadian team in the NHL, some underlying numbers may sway the argument. 

The Leafs broke out last season, putting all their talent on display as they nearly dethroned the Washington Capitals in the playoffs - and they've carried that momentum into this season. Both the Jets and Leafs have similar records since last season, winning 40 games and losing 42 each. The difference is, the Leafs won significantly more games in the extra frame. 

Overall, they've shown much more long-term success in many statistical categories which indicates their likelihood to be the better team down the stretch.

According to Sportsnet's Jonathan Willis, it's a very close race - but Toronto is Canada's team to beat as of today.