Report: Leafs are in tax trouble
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Report: Leafs are in tax trouble

Yikes... pay your bills, deadbeats!



According to a report from CBC News, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is one of the largest property tax delinquents in Toronto with an unpaid tax bill of $1.18 million.

Check it out:

The City of Toronto claims that MLSE is on the hook for unpaid taxes going back to 2019, which came to late in April when the city made public its list of tax delinquents over $500,000.

MLSE disputes the charge and claims that it's in negotiations to resolve the issue with the city.

"I can't imagine what it would be like for our city's administration if the tax money stopped flowing every time somebody raised a concern or an appeal," Toronto Council memb Stephen Holyday said. "That's why people are still expected to remit their taxes, and then the process will unfold in a very organized way and the accounting will be done at the end of that process to straighten it all out."

"But in the meantime, the taxes still have to be paid to the city."

At the heart of the matter seems to be a disagreement about MLSE's use of BMO Field at the civically owned Exhibition Place. The city contends that MLSE, owner of Toronto FC of Major League Soccer, owes taxes on their lease at Exhibition Place, while MLSE contends that it is operating on the grounds under a 'management agreement' and that they shouldn't be liable for property taxes on BMO Field. 

"The ultimate responsibility for the payment of realty taxes rests with the owner," the MLSE statement reads. "And MLSE is neither the owner of the property nor a tenant."

"As is publicly known, MLSE leases two properties on the Exhibition Place grounds, OVO Athletic Centre and Coca-Cola Coliseum, where all rents and taxes for which it is responsible have been duly and punctually paid," the MSLE statement reads. 

CBC reports that city officials are trying to 'wash their hands' of the controversy publicly only stating that MLSE has been, "an excellent tenant" and that they "just hope to get it resolved as soon as possible."

Source: CBC News