Report: Leafs’ GM Lamoriello tempers expectations for 2017-18

Hold on, Leafs fans. Don’t get ahead of yourselves, warns Lou.

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In a recent one-on-one, sit down interview with TSN analyst and NHL insider Bob McKenzie, Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello was surpassingly candid. The tight-lipped and reserved Lamoriello is notoriously difficult to pry information from, but in this case he seemed at least willing to share his opinion, if not his plans, for the Leafs in 2017-18.

Despite the runaway sense of optimism surrounding the Leafs from the team’s media and fanbase, Lamoriello is quick to point out one thing: “We haven’t won a round of the playoffs yet”. Translation: hold your horses, people. While the Leafs have a lot of promise and potential, fulfilling that potential is easier said than done. The NHL history book is littered with examples of teams who entered the season with heightened expectations only to fall short and disappoint fans along the way. With one good season behind them, do the Leafs enter 2017-18 with the same hunger and desperation that they did in 2016-17? Can head coach Mike Babcock manufacture emotion from a group if it won’t come naturally? These are the questions facing Lamoriello and the Leafs in the upcoming campaign.

For the full interview with McKenzie and Lamoriello, click the link below: