Report: Leafs insider drops hints regarding team’s next captain?

This could make a LOT of Leafs fans very happy!

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Play-by-play broadcaster Joe Bowen is a legend in Toronto sports culture. The voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs has called over 3000 games in his career and has managed to work his way into the inner circle of the team through decades of hard work and good will. Leafs fans know to take heed when Bowen makes a proclamation or a prediction about the team, knowing full well that he has inside intelligence. 

That’s why, when Bowen revealed his opinion on who will be named the team’s next captain, fans took extra stock in his words. So, who does Bowen have pegged as the next great Toronto Maple Leafs leader? 

“I see Auston Matthews wearing the “C” for years to come.”

Wow… could you imagine? The Leafs, especially under the leadership of general manager Lou Lamoreillo, are in many ways a traditional organization. Could they actually break the mold and hand the captaincy to a teenager? Matthews may be a generational talent, but he’s still only 19-years-old and has a lot to learn about life in the NHL. 

Regardless, Matthews’ talent is undeniable and he’s likely to be the team’s de-facto leader regardless of whether or not he wears a letter on his jersey or not. Maybe this is a smart move by the franchise? A move that suggests they’re finally ready to embrace the future after years of stagnating in the past?