Report: Leafs intend to terminate one of their contracts.

Details inside.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs appear to be fully prepared to move on from 25-year-old defenseman Alexey Marchenko.

Earlier today it was reported that Marchenko was placed on waivers by the Maple Leafs but now it sounds like even if he does clear the waiver process, he will not be remaining with the organization in any capacity. 

According to a report from Cap Friendly, the National Hockey League's top salary tracking website, the Maple Leafs have placed Marchenko on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract. 

Cap Friendly report that the move would absolve the Maple Leafs of his $1.45 million against the salary cap, giving the cap-strapped Maple Leafs some additional flexibility heading into the regular season.

This however may not come to pass however as a rival NHL team could in theory pick up Marchenko on the waiver wire.