Report: Leafs potentially facing some major salary cap problems.

This could be a major headache for Toronto.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing a potentially difficult cap problem

As a result of the arbitration request filled by recently acquired defenseman Jared Cowen the Leafs are facing a severe overage against the salary cap. According to a report moments ago from TSN insider Bob McKenzie, a ruling in Cowen's favor would cost the Leafs the $650,000 credit against the cap they currently receive for his buyout, and would instead hit them with a $3.5 million cap hit.

According to Cap Friendly the Leafs currently only boast $824,219 in free salary cap space, with rumors that the team still hope to sign Brandon Prust who remains with the team despite still not having a contract. You won't need to be very good at math to realize how this could cause a major headache for the Maple Leafs organization, although a favorable arbitration ruling would spare them.

No word yet on which way it might go, but we do know the process is already underway and as a result expect a ruling shortly.