Report: Major hint that Flames are set for relocation

Things are getting dire if you're a Flames fan living in Calgary.

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There's some ominous news coming out of Florida regarding the fate of the Calgary Flames in Alberta.

The arena situation has been a long and arduous negotiation that has seemingly gained no ground, and as time goes on, the possibility becomes more and more likely that Calgary relocates.

Seattle has been given permission to submit an application for expansion, with an arena deal already in place. The preference is for this to be an expansion, giving the NHL 32 teams, and balancing out the conferences. 

That being said, Darren Dreger reported that the possibility of relocation isn't out of the question, and the Calgary Flames will be the #1 target should that be the route they take. Gary Bettman stated that the Arizona Coyotes and Carolina Hurricanes aren't going anywhere. As of now, the Flames' future is the most dire, and if the relocation doesn't happen to Seattle, Houston and Quebec City are two viable options in the near future.

If no arena deal is made, the Flames are more than likely leaving Calgary. With the news that there will likely be no new arena, the clock is ticking for the Calgary Flames.

A situation to monitor as expansion/relocation talks intensify.