Report: Major obstacles could kill Arizona arena deal

Without a new rink this team is sunk, how many chances are they going to get?

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When Andrew Barroway was announced as the majority owner of the Arizona Coyotes he made it clear what his number one priority was with the franchise: get them the heck out of Glendale. The team’s current home, Gila River Arena, is located 25 miles from downtown Phoenix and its location is a major factor in the team’s dwindling ticket sales.

In fact, Barroway has come out and explicitly stated that the team, “will not stay in Glendale.” So, where do they end up? In his latest article for Coyotes blog Five for Howling, undergrad Alex Temes who has a background in urban planning, urban studies and spatial science, brings to light some major obstacles that could prevent the Coyotes from a move downtown.

Amongst the Coyotes biggest obstacles? Getting the required zone and permits for a new building could take months or even years to get approved. According to Temes, “the site may need to be rezoned, which requires public notification. If this property was previously a public amenity or borders a residential area, the increased vehicular and foot traffic may illicit opposition.”

The article is a fascinating read that offers some perspective on the seemingly never-ending conversation of getting a new arena in Arizona. To read the full article, click the link below: