REPORT: Major Problem For The Blackhawks

Waiting for a solution to this huge issue.

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The Chicago Blackhawks will be returning to the ice today for practice for the first time since their shootout loss to the Calgary Flames on Monday.

On Monday the Blackhawks let in another two goals during the power play for the opposing team making their record this season an abysmal 14 goals on 26 times shorthanded. Last season during their first seven games they only let in three goals on 18 power play opportunities for the opposing team.

The Blackhawks have still somehow managed to drum up three wins this season despite this huge lingering issue with the PK. Imagine what the team could do if they unleashed their full potential by giving up less penalties and shutting down the PK before it leads to a goal.

Coach Q has been mixing up the defense and offense all season which could be making it difficult for certain player and lines to adjust.

The Chicago Blackhawks have spoken about this issue and worked hard on the PK but the results have not yet come to light.

Soon we will get a glimpse of the potential line changes in anticipation of Tomorrow's game with the New Jersey Devils.

More updates to follow.