Report: Major update on Pavelski’s future

Could the Sharks captain actually leave San Jose?

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In the two weeks that have passed since the San Jose Sharks bowed out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs there hasn’t been much chatter about the future of pending unrestricted free agents like Joe Pavelski, Joe Thornton and Erik Karlsson.

While it’s expected that Karlsson will test the open market, it’s safe to say that the hockey world would collectively gasp if Pavelski or Thornton were to leave the Sharks. Thornton, in fact, has already come out to say that he’s not interested in playing anywhere but San Jose. So, it’s Sharks or bust for Jumbo Joe, but what about Little Joe? Would the Sharks’ captain actually leave his team?

Pavelski recently offered up an update on negotiations and, while he remains optimistic, he’s not making the same proclamations that Thornton has made.

Check it out:

“I am still optimistic, we have had a little bit of talks, so hopefully things keep moving forward and go from there,” Pavelski told the San Jose Mercury News. “Things can change in a hurry. The discussions are kind of going on right now and we’ll see how they work out. But definitely optimistic. Definitely love it there and we’ll see where it goes.”

Now… this sounds an awfully lot like a man who has no interest in leaving, but also doesn’t want to give up all his leverage. Here’s hoping both Pavelski and Sharks general manager Doug Wilson can come together on a deal that makes sense for both sides, as I don’t think either side wants to walk away. Stay tuned, Sharks fans.