Report: Maple Leafs have discovered a flaw in the game of #1 overall pick Matthews.

Leafs zero in a flaw in Auston Matthews.

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As it turns out, even the number one overall pick in the draft has room to improve.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Toronto Maple Leafs have already zeroed in on a flaw in the game of Auston Matthews, a flaw that was spotted during skating drills, specifically related to his stride.

It was skating coach Barb Underhill who noticed that Matthews' left shoulder wasn't coming across enough during his stride, and she quickly pointed out the flaw to the young prospect, effectively giving him a little homework to work on during development camp.

By all accounts Matthews was more than happy to take the criticism, and based on his response to the media it sounds like he's planning on heading the advice and making the improvement to his game

“She definitely paid close attention to it so I’ll try and work on it throughout the week,” Matthews said.

The Leafs staff will likely be focusing in on Matthews in the coming weeks.