Report: Markov's former agent gives major update on his situation.

Things might turn out differently than expected.

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Things Might Turn Out Differently Than Expected

Markov, who has foregone an agent and is representing himself in contract negotiations, is reportedly asking for a two-year contract at $6 million per season. That’s a lot to swallow, especially for a defenseman who will turn 39 in the upcoming season.

So, where does Markov end up?

Montreal Gazettes' Stu Cowen met with his former anger Sergei Berezin.

Is Berezin surprised Markov has not signed any contract yet? “No … there are a few different scenarios. I wish it was done by now. … He’s working on it … he’s representing himself and that’s quite an experience. I wish him well and I’m sure everything’s going to be all right. I know he has a few options.”

“I don’t want to go ahead and tell something to the media while he’s negotiating … it’s up to him when he decides it’s time to talk to the media,” Berezin added. “He played in Montreal for 16 years … you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it’s his second home.