Report: Martin Jones doesn't want to leave the Maple Leafs
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Report: Martin Jones doesn't want to leave the Maple Leafs

The veteran goaltender doesn't wanna go!

Trevor Connors

Martin Jones wants another shot in Toronto, but will he get it?

The veteran goaltender performed admirably for the Toronto Maple Leafs last season, but with Ilya Samsonov likely departing via free agency this offseason and with Joseph Woll proving that he still isn't ready for full-time #1 duties, the Leafs will need some stability in goal. Can Jones provide that stability? Color me skeptical.

Leafs reporter Joshua Kloke recently reported that Jones would like to remain with the Leafs and help develop Woll next season.

From Kloke:

"Jones would prefer to play more games (what goaltender wouldn't) but crucially, Jones and his family enjoyed life in Toronto and appreciate living in bigger cities. Jones also formed a decent relationship with Joseph Woll this season and – having seven more seasons of NHL experience – took to the mentor role easily. It sounds like Jones would be open to returning to Toronto. Given his familiarity, if the Leafs can convince Jones to take on the No. 3 job on a similar-ish cap hit next season, it feels like a no-brainer."

Jones managed a 11-8-1 record last season and sported a 2.87 goals against average and a .902 save percentage last season with the Leafs.

Source: Josh Kloke