Report: Max Domi appears to be done with the Canadiens

A bombshell report from The Montreal Gazette!

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This just in courtesy of Montreal Canadiens insider Stu Cowan of The Montreal Gazette, forward Max Domi's days with the team appear to be over. Cowan made the shocking proclamation in his weekly column saying, "It’s certainly looking like Max Domi has played his last game with the Canadiens."

Cowan reports that Domi has parted ways with longtime agent Pat Brisson, who just happens to be close friends with Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin. Whether or not Domi saw this as a conflict of interest or he had other reasons for firing Brisson is not yet known. What we do know though is that Domi, Bergevin and head coach Claude Julien haven't always seen eye to eye. And with free agency on the horizon for Domi once the Stanley Cup Playoffs conclude, there's a lot left up in the air right now.

When asked about Domi's future with the team following their first round playoff series loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, Bergevin said, “(Domi's) better suited to answer regarding his performance. Max has a lot of potential. I can’t speak for his future.”

Julien went off at length and shared some really interesting thoughts on Domi and how he sees him fitting into the team moving forward.

Check it out:

“I think Max came in in his first year and was really excited to be in Montreal and I thought that excitement carried him through the first season, there’s no doubt there. We, as an organization, like him better as a centreman. I think the fact that he’s a good skater, that he can move around suits him much better (at centre).
“It happens where a guy has a great season, next season not quite as good,” Julien added. “But he still had decent production. So that part of it was good. I think what I saw in Max this year, again got away from shooting the puck and having that shooting mentality which we really encouraged him in that first year to shoot more and he seemed to really buy into it and thrive on it and had a good season. So I just found this year he didn’t shoot quite as much. He loves to be a playmaker more than a shooter. So I think making that small adjustment could definitely get him back on track to where his production would come back closer to what it was in his first year."
“So, that’s basically it with him,” the coach continued. “I mean, at the end of the day, we ended up putting him on the wing in these playoffs. Obviously, when you look at the other three centremen that were doing really well …. I guess our original thought this year, and we mentioned many a times, we really feel that we’re a great team when we’re a four-line team that we can wear teams down. We’re not the biggest team, but we’re a tenacious team, we’re a fast team. So for us to wear teams down shift after shift is what’s given us success. So we tried to create that before going to Toronto. At one point I know (Domi) liked playing with Dale Weise. We thought with (Jordan) Weal being a guy that when he has the puck can be a playmaker, we tried to create a fourth line with them. And, at the end of the day, with what happened and it didn’t quite work out we ended up having to move (Domi) to the wing to try and get some production from Max because we weren’t getting it from the fourth line. So all that having said, I think Max is much more comfortable and better suited at centre than he is on the wing, so it’s something that we have to look at.”

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