Report: Monster rumor reported regarding Joe Thornton.

July 1st will be one fun day to watch!

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July 1st will be one fun day to watch! 

The San Jose Sharks have the two best players in the history of their organization set to be free agents this summer, and by the sounds of it they aren’t any closer to getting a deal done with either man. Would the Sharks be willing to commit over $5 million against the cap for an aging Joe Thornton? If they don’t you can bet that there is likely at least one NHL team out there willing to do exactly that level of commitment should it mean acquiring someone of Thornton’s pedigree. 

While the Rumors are pointing in every direction regarding Joe Thornton, one might be more plausible than the others. Here’s what TSN’s insider Darren Dreger on TSN 690 on Tuesday morning:

I know that one of my New York Rangers sources on the draft floor suggested that they would kick tires on Joe Thornton."

Quite a rumor regarding the veteran.