Report: NHL GM “gets too much bad advice,” cries out former coach

GM is on the hot seat but... is it his fault?!

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The start of the 2017-18 season has been rough on NHL some clubs and their respective general manager, but the Montreal Canadiens are definitely feeling the heat. According to former NHL head coach Michel Bergeron, however, GM Marc Bergevin is not all to blame. 

In his Journal de Montreal article on Saturday, Bergeron explains that Bergevin is getting too much bad advice and needs to stop making crucial decisions with other management members. 

"It's time that Bergevin and Claude Julien sit down together, man to man, without any assistant, and define in a precise manner what are the Canadiens' priorities at the moment," Bergeron writes. 

Bergeron adds that the Habs GM has not been able to make any move to improve the Canadiens' lineup from last season's, noting that the loss of defenseman Andrei Markov is more and more noticeable to the fans. 

Bergevin needs to get back on track, and if it means making the hard decisions on his own, then Habs fans will want him to do it sonner than later.