Report: NHL hits 6 teams with salary cap penalties
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Report: NHL hits 6 teams with salary cap penalties

A bombshell report from NHL insider Frank Seravalli.



According to a report from NHL insider Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff, at least half a dozen NHL teams will be slapped with salary cap overage penalties for the 2024-25 season.

The full list from Daily Faceoff:

Report: NHL hits 6 teams with salary cap penalties

Potential additions:

* Edmonton’s Corey Perry can earn an additional $50,000 each for advancing to Conference Final and Stanley Cup Final.
* New York’s Jonathan Quick can earn an additional $25,000 if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup.
* Minnesota’s Marco Rossi can earn an additional $212,500 for being voted to the All-Rookie team.
* Boston’s Milan Lucic can earn an additional $200,000 if the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.
** Florida’s Kyle Okposo can earn an additional $500,000 if the Panthers win the Stanley Cup.
*** Carolina’s Jackson Blake can earn an additional $57,500 if he plays in a total of 20 games this season including the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Canes finished this season with $7,050 in cap space.
**** (Neither Carolina nor Florida will have an overage penalty if those things do not come to fruition.)

Some of these cap overages were done on purpose, of course. Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland knew full well what he was doing by signing Corey Perry to such a performance laden contract... ditto can be said for some of the other teams in similar situations.

Interestingly enough, you won't find the Vegas Golden Knights on the above list. That's because, while Vegas GM Kelly McCrimmon has made a career now out of circumventing the NHL's salary cap rules, he hasn't deferred any of his team's salary until next season. Say what you will about McCrimmon and the way he manages the Knights' cap situation, he isn't breaking any established rules. Don't hate the player, hate they game.

As it stands the Oilers are carrying the largest cap overage into next season and will pay nearly $3.5 million in cap space next season for money paid out this season. The biggest mis-step from Holland and the Oilers has to be paying out a $3.2 million performance bonus to free agent addition Connor Brown this past offseason. While Brown's salary is only $775,000 his cap hit is $4 million with the bonus. That's a nice chunk of change for four goals and 12 points...

Source: Frank Seravalli