Report: NHL planning to push back next season also

A third straight restructured schedule for the NHL is in the works.

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This just in from TSN hockey insider Pierre LeBrun, the NHL held an online meeting with GMs earlier today to discuss logistics of the 2021-22 season and it appears that the league has penciled in October 12th as its working start date. 

Check it out:

As LeBrun points out, this means that the season will be pushed back at least a week from its normal timeframe. But, who are we kidding? If the league is planning on pushing things back a week, it likely means that things will be pushed back a month... or two months... or three months. Who knows?

After all, this is the same league who promised that the current 2020-21 season would be unaffected by COVID-19. Boy... how'd that work out, Mr. Bettman? At this point you think the NHL would learn to not put its foot in its mouth over and over...

I think it's safe to say at this point that the league should have shut things down entirely this season. Take a year off, get all the players vaccinated and then come back and play to full buildings in October 2021. Because they tried to shoehorn in a 2020-21 season from January to July though, they've simply run out of runway to hold a normal season in 2021-22. C'mon Gary...