Report: NHL Player Safety is aware that Flames are targeting Draisaitl's ankle

The league, its officials and its disciplinary staff have warned the Flames that they'll be watching tonight's game for infractions.


Edmonton Oilers fans have voiced their concerns online about what they feel is unfair targeting from the Calgary Flames on Oilers superstar Leon Draisaitl and his injured ankle.

It's clear that Draisaitl is suffering through an injury, but the Flames aren't making things any easier on him by targeting his ankle whenever possible. In particular, NHL insider Frank Seravalli reports that the NHL has seen the following clip and have warned the Flames that they'll be watching tonight's game closely:

Obviously you never wish anyone to get hurt and targeting a known injury is a scumbag move, but I think it would be difficult for the league or for NHL Player Safety to prove a case where a Flames player is targeting Draisaitl's ankle. Players get whacked and hacked multiple times throughout a game, it hardly seems fair or right to give someone preferential treatment due to an injury. Having said that, if indeed the Flames ARE targeting Draisaitl's ankle, I feel like it's incumbent on the Oilers themselves to police that, rather than the league. If I were say Zack Kassian and I saw a Flames player taking liberties with Draisaitl's ankle, I'd make life a living Hell for someone like Johnny Gaudreau or Jacob Markstrom. That's playoff hockey and that's the Battle of Alberta for ya...