Report: NHL ruined Rangers' chances to land KHL star

The team's record could be completely different!


It has been quite the roller-coaster ride for Russian star Danis Zaripov. The three-time world champion who played for Russia at the 2010 Olympics was suspended in July after one of his samples was found to contain banned stimulants, as well as substances prohibited as diuretics and masking agents.

However, the suspension was not supposed to apply to the NHL rules, and that's exactly what the New York Rangers thought when they were the first time to offer Zaripov a contract. 

The NHL however stopped them from completing the transaction, according tp KHL insider Igor Eronko

The Rangers then backed out once the league informed them it was now possible to sign Zaripov. The  36-year-old did receive a professional tryout offer from the St. Louis Blues, but nothing has come of it. 

Yesterday it was revealed that the IIHF had reached a settlement agreement with Zaripov after he appealed the ban and has cut his suspension to six months from two years after new evidence came to light. Given that the suspension dates back to May 23, the IIHF’s decision makes Zaripov eligible to play as of Thursday.

Will the Rangers extend another offer?