Report: NHL team making a last minute uniform change?

It looks like fan protest may have worked in this case…

Report: NHL team making a last minute uniform change?

When the Vegas Golden Knights revealed their jerseys in advance of the NHL Expansion Draft earlier this summer they mostly earned rave reviews from fans and analysts. When they revealed their entire uniform however, including white gloves, reactions was… a little more mixed. 

I mean… just look at these things:

Yikes. Well, thanks to some sleuthing from SB Nation Knights on Ice blogger Ryan Quigley, a change may be coming to the team’s uniform before they even hit the ice for their first practice.

According to Quigley the most recent trailer for the upcoming EA Sports game NHL 18 features the Golden Knights in black gloves. Check it out:

In the most recent trailer for EA Sports’ NHL 18, the Golden Knights appear to be wearing black gloves rather than the white eyesores. The annual NHL simulation is typically spot on with uniform changes and it feels pretty safe to assume Vegas will move forward with the black mitts.

Interesting. We have to admit though, as ugly as the white gloves were/are, we kind of liked them. It’s not often you see an NHL team going out on a limb and trying something different like this. And, they could have been worse… they’re not wearing Cooperalls, after all.