Report: NHL to shut down the Canucks

Another team bites the dust. Thoughts, Canucks fans?


In case you missed it, last night's game between the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames was officially postponed due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases on the Canucks. Canucks forward Adam Gaudette had been placed on the NHL's COVID-19 protocol list earlier this week and the league announced yesterday that an additional player and a member of the team's coaching staff had tested positive for the virus, as well.

NEW YORK (March 31, 2021) – The National Hockey League announced today that, as a result of two Vancouver Canucks Players (including one Player who was added to the COVID Protocol List after it was released at 5:00 p.m. ET today) as well as a member of their coaching staff entering the NHL’s COVID Protocols, the team’s game tonight against the Calgary Flames will be postponed. The decision was made by the League’s, NHLPA’s and Club’s medical groups. The League will provide a further update tomorrow.

Now there are reports that the NHL could shutdown the Canucks for an extended period of time. 

Check it out:

All of this comes after the Montreal Canadiens were shut down for having similar COVID-19 results on their roster. And guess who the Canadiens last played before going into lockdown? You guessed it! The Canucks and Habs had a two game series just prior to the NHL shutting the Habs down. Now it looks like the Canucks might be in for a similar fate. If that's the case and I'm a Winnipeg Jets fan, I'm a little nervous. The Canucks played the Jets twice following their games against the Habs.