Report: Nichushkin could face serious charges

Report: Nichushkin could face serious charges

Allegations of some pretty horrendous acts.



The Colorado Avalanche shocked the hockey world last week when they abruptly announced that forward Valeri Nichushkin would be leaving the team indefinitely after an incident in a Seattle hotel room during the Avalanche's first round playoff series loss to the Seattle Kraken.

Initially, it was reported that Nichushkin was involved with police officers after it was discovered that a "heavily intoxicated woman" was discovered with Nichushkin in his hotel room. While that in and of itself is not a crime, the hazy details around the incident have led to widespread speculation. Some reports say the woman was a prostitute. Others say that she was a victim of human trafficing. There were further reports that the Avalanche's medical staff was pressed into action to revive the sedated woman. It's not clear exactly what happened, other than the fact that Nichushkin has left the team and that things are messy.

Well... today Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times reported that Avalanche employees called 911 to request assistance for the woman after they believe she overdosed on alcohol when, "something go mixed in a drink."

From the Seattle Times (Note that the 'caller' is Avs team physician Dr. Bradley Changstrom):

“We suspect someone might have OD’d on alcohol potentially or something got mixed in a drink, we don’t know yet,” the caller states. 

When asked by the dispatcher whether the woman, 28, was conscious and awake, the caller replied: “They’re hanging in there at the moment.” He then added: “She is awake at the moment, but she’s fading.”

The call was made at 3:20 p.m., as Avalanche players were preparing to board the team bus before Game 3 of the series at Climate Pledge Arena. Nichushkin, who had a big goal for Colorado in Game 2, did not play that night and hasn’t been seen in public since.

News reports have said Nichushkin was spirited out of the hotel by Avalanche team security members and flown out of Seattle that day.

The Avalanche have said Nichushkin was not with the team because of “personal reasons” but have not divulged anything further. Police records indicate team employees went to check on Nichushkin when they found the woman in a room at the hotel.

- Geoff Baker

Police records indicate that the woman has no fixed address and she told police that she had arrived from either Urkaine or Russia and that an unidentified man took her passport and identification. There's been no further update on her medical status.

Standby for more details, but it certainly seems like there's more beneath the surface here.

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