Report: Nylander contract contains a previously undisclosed no trade clause.

Nylander has a no trade in his new deal.

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Formerly restricted free agent forward William Nylander is now officially a Maple Leaf once again and the team can once again focus on what has already been a very solid 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season.

Nylander and the Maple Leafs came to terms on a brand new deal on Saturday with the two sides agreeing on a 6 year contract that will play Nylander an average annual value of $6.9 million per season or a total of $41.77 million over the course of the full deal. That is to say if you were to spend $19,000 a day for the next six years William Nylander would be able to cover your tab with his current contract, that is a lot of scratch right there. 

The deal worked out great for both sides with the Maple Leafs haggling Nylander down from his original ask of $8 million per season to a much more reasonable number while the Nylander camp also got what they wanted by getting the Leafs up significantly from their number of $6 million per season at the start of the season. Obviously both of those initial offers were designed with exactly this type of outcome in mind but I don't think Nylander would have gotten as much as he wanted without this long of a hold out. Additionally Nylander loses no money this season with the Leafs agreeing to make him whole on this seasons salary by absorbing a cap hit of a whopping $10.2 million in the first season of the deal, something they thankfully appear to have planned for. 

The details of this contract have now widely been reported but interestingly enough there is one clause in this contract that was not revealed until just now, a no trade clause. According to a report from TSN National Hockey League insider Bob McKenzie the Maple Leafs and Nylander also agreed to include a 10 team no trade clause in the final year of his contract, he was not eligible for such a clause in the first 5 years of the deal. If the Leafs were to trade him I would suspect that would come long before the 6th and final year of this contract, but it's an interesting wrinkle none the less and one that may have some consequences for the Maple Leafs further down the line.